Hello, my name is Kristopher Hiser and I am a student at UMW. This is the fourth iteration of an about me that I have created for my various sub-domains, the others are here, here, and a digital about me here, so this one will be shorter but more concise. My major is history, and I am particularly interested in any sort of revolutionary period anywhere, but my academic interests are rather diverse. I have at other times also been a political science major and a communications major, and I have taken more analytic philosophy courses than I should have if I wanted to graduate on time. Most of my free time is spent reading either history books or books on economics and economic political theory.

My academic career began at Wichita State University, and Wichita, KS, is my home town. I have, through my four and a half years of university studies maintained a 3.93 gpa at WSU and a 3.94 gpa at UMW, respectively. After I graduate in Spring 2017, I intend to apply for law school, and because I am bound to Northern Virginia, I have my sights set on Georgetown law. That assumes, however, that my LSAT score is high enough, so maybe the analytical philosophy courses will come in handy after all.

While in school, I worked as a logic tutor at Wichita State, and at UMW I currently work in the writing center. Assuming I go to law school, I would like to work in some legal field where I am able to assist disadvantaged classes of people, very broadly defined. I shall continue, however, to be a student of history no matter where life carries me; history is both my passion and my major.